Compression Products

Our staff of certified compression fitters provides the highest level of professional care and expertise. We treat your fitting experience, not just sell you over the counter. We provide styles, education, and individualized care that will help you make informed choices about the many specially fitted compression products available today.

Custom-made compression garments are a great option for both men and women who do not fit into the traditional sizing or have specialized needs that would require custom, individualized attention.  With every patient there are specific compression needs that will be addressed, and each compression garment is measured and fabricated specifically for each patient.  Custom compression garments can be made for every part of the body.

We offer an extensive product line from the top five leading manufacturers of compression garments such as Jobst, Juzo, Mediven, Venosan, and Sigvaris. We also order custom products from a variety of other companies.  In addition to our selection of stockings, and sleeves, we also carry a full range of accessories to make these products easier to don and comfortable to wear.

Find out more about the many specialized compression products available today such as:

  • Non-elastic compression wraps
  • Mild to Extra Firm Compression
  • Lymphedema Products
    • Sleeves
    • Gloves
    • Gauntlets
    • Custom Bi-directional night garments
    • Lower and upper extremity garments

How Compression Therapy Works

Graduated or gradient compression stockings and sleeves work in two ways to improve circulation and reduce swelling:

First, the compression supports the walls of your veins. This improves the efficiency  of the valves which return the blood to your body.

Second, the "squeeze" in a graduated compression garment is most firm at the bottom and reduces toward the top of the garment. This difference creates an effective pump which works with the movement of your calf muscle; pushes fluid and blood back up through the body.  Returning the fluids and blood to the body in and efficient manner allows new, nutrient-rich fluids into your feet, legs, or arms, keeping you and your skin healthy.